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For the month of July, we secretly erased men from Which-50. Our audience numbers dropped, our social presence evaporated, and we annoyed people who for years have helped us build our brand off the back of their hard work and expertise. They did nothing wrong — we were just jerks —

So, that escalated quickly. One tweet and one Facebook post were enough to flood my mentions and DMs with a douchebro tsunami. Say what now, JB? A week ago I agreed to write a quick column riffing on Which-50’s crazy-brave experiment over the last month to remove all the snags

Nine is buying Fairfax. The two Australian media companies announced this morning a proposed transaction that will see Nine acquire all Fairfax shares to create Australia’s largest media player. Following the close of the transaction, which is still subject to approvals, Nine shareholders will own 51.1 per cent of the

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The digital economy has forced enterprises to reshape their businesses to stay ahead of both traditional and new competitors. Whether it is reducing cost, increasing productivity, or winning the market share battle, technology continues to change the way we work. Fifteen years ago, the main technology story for large enterprises

Big fish eat little fish. Flat style.

New regulations and consumer attitudes mean Facebook and Google’s industry dominance will eventually end, according to the former New York Times programmatic advertising director, Matt Prohaska. However the regulations designed to reel in the tech giants may be having the opposite effect initially. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter