VMware says its new Cloud Operations Services are designed to help IT departments deliver a software-as-a-service based multi-cloud platform with a particular focus on automation, analytics, cost management and compliance.

As cloud has taken hold in corporate environments, CIOs have increasingly found themselves grappling with services that span the gamut from outsourced public clouds from companies like Amazon Web Services to home-grown variants – known into the IT world as private clouds – to all variants in between. Not surprisingly over time, those same CIOs have discovered these environments don’t always play together well.

Adding to the pain, software licensing rules for enterprise application providers like Oracle and Microsoft need to be aligned inside these disparate environments at the risk of unforeseen operational costs – such is the contemporary joy of working with companies who treat their legal departments like profit centres.

The VMware pitch is aimed directly at the cloud operations, DevOps, and security and compliance teams charged with building a digital infrastructure that can respond to the accelerating demands upon organisations to stay ahead of the customer expectation curve.

Across industries, businesses are on the path to multi-cloud adoption, with Forrester reporting that 89 percent of enterprises use at least two clouds and 74 percent are using at least three or more public clouds. With the explosive growth in public cloud, organizations are struggling with disparate tools and processes to gain visibility, enforce compliance, and ensure application performance. And now new research from Deloitte suggests major enterprises are typically using services from up to 8 public clouds and this is still growing.

For its part, the company says is it operates at the epicenter of innovation forces that are reshaping IT and business. It sees its mission as delivering secure, flexible digital foundation. Along with companies like Microsoft its ability to let companies virtualize their infrastructure – effectively spreading the load across a hundred and even thousands of servers is a critical enabling technology for the web.

Paul Gelsinger told delegates at the company’s conference in Las Vegas this week that VMware’s magic is “it’s ability to bridge across silos of innovation.”

Today at its VMworld 2018, conference in Las Vegas it addressed the challenges of multi-cloud environments. There was a slew of new announcements largely aimed at technicians, however for company leaders, the benefits translate simply enough – it helps organisations better manage cloud costs, operations, security, and compliance across clouds.

Among the announcements; VMware Cloud Assembly, VMware Service Broker, and VMware Code Stream; a new cloud configuration security and compliance service, VMware Secure State; and significant enhancements to Wavefront by VMware.

Today new releases build on the company’s existing portfolio in cloud management to deliver a more unified platform overcoming a key frustration for many CIOs.

“VMware is building on on the proven leadership of our VMware vRealize cloud management platform to deliver an integrated set of SaaS services that address cloud operations challenges in a unified way that works consistently across native public clouds and the private cloud,” said Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer, Products and Cloud Services, VMware. “Customers will be better equipped to create value, improve business performance and reduce risk by more effectively managing, securing and operating workloads in the cloud.”

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