Twitter isn’t making people stupid, we are

Go on admit it. Justin, Selena, Harry and Faze Rain. Secretly you can’t help yourself, but don’t be alarmed. It turns out that a third of us have visited a celebrity’s Twitter feed and fully one quarter have retweeted their celebral contributions to human knowledge.

Celebrity is the core busienss of Twitter, as we have observed before, and now a new study by Global Web Index (GWI) reveals just how core.

According to the research group, “Globally, a quarter of internet users aged 16-64 say they are strongly interested in celebrity news and gossip – with a third of this group (and a fifth of internet users in general) saying that celeb news is an important reason for them using social media.”

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GWI says that with half of celeb fans following actors and a third following TV presenters, it’s clear that Twitter has become a key hub for celeb-fan interactions. “Outside of China, 30 per cent of Celeb Fans are active on the micro-blog and, within the last month, more than a third say they have visited a celeb’s feed (with a similar percentage having retweeted a celeb). What’s more, 34 per cent of Celeb Fans on Twitter say have tweeted a celebrity directly in the last 30 days.”

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