Tumblr surges since Yahoo deal, averaging 250,000 new blogs and 80,000,000 new posts a day.

Almost unnoticed, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayers’s decision to buy Tumblr has given the micro-blogging social network beloved by teenagers (and Which-50 publishers) a massive boost.

Which-50 has tested the numbers, and in just eight weeks since the deal was sealed Tumblr has added 14 million new blogs — up 13 per cent — and its audience has added 4.2 billion new posts — up eight per cent.

Tumblr, which launched in February 2007 (and added 75000 users in its first two weeks) took almost six years to reach 100 million blogs but only 51 days to add another 10 million.

The company  was snapped up by Yahoo in the middle of May for $US1.1 billion.

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