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Vendor posts rarely rate highly on Twitter — it is one of the odd characteristics of a medium that seems tailor-made for brand expertise. However, Adobe broke the drought this week with a tweet offering three tips to enhance customer interactions, pushing it up to the top of this week’s Omnichannel Chatter Report.

Meanwhile, posts from UK marketing magazine The Drum about how ecommerce has changed over the last twenty years, Amazon’s head-to-head clash with Flipkart in India, a McKinsey interview on omnichannel strategy, and an IBM infographic were also big conversation starters.

Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report identifies the most influential conversation starters of the last week across the global social realm, and once a week we focus on omnichannel chatter. There has been a reasonable uptick in the amount of social sharing around omnichannel since our last report — there were 6700 mentions of the search terms we filtered by in the last seven days, a hefty 20 per cent increase over the last report.

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The most popular social share of the week was very US-centric. @alrickbrown tweeted: “New work blog post on Hispanic consumers and online retail…” which linked to a blog by Brown about how retailers in the US can better appeal to the demographic.

Adobe’s effort — a tweet entitled “Omnichannel marketing is all about engagement. 3 tips on how to enhance interactions with your customers” — almost won the gold. It pushed through to Adobe’s digital marketing blog and an article entitled “Engaged customer communities: your digital anchor”.

And the three tips in question?

  1. Pack a Good CompassForty percent of organisations cite complexity as the greatest obstacle to delivering omnichannel customer experience. Customer relationships are becoming increasingly complex as people have more knowledge and information at their fingertips, grow more mobile and interactive, and expect brands to offer more value and convenience than ever before. Your goal is not to shy away from the complexity, but make sure it doesn’t distract and dissipate your focus.
  2. Chart the Digital WatersSeamless and memorable customer experiences don’t happen by accident. They are the result of bold and well-considered strategies. Your strategy will be your own, and should be led by your customers’ needs, problems, desires, and aspirations.
  3. Invest in Your CrewAn excellent omnichannel customer experience takes a village. You need company-wide commitment, with dedicated support from executives and leadership. Your organisation may need to commit with its dollars, skills training, hiring priorities, technologies, or all of the above. Employee engagement is the foundation; you can’t realise your plans without it. Beyond your own offices, you need the commitment — or engagement — of a thriving community of customers, users, and brand ambassadors.

The Drum — a regular in Which-50 Deepdives and Chatter Reports — scored highly with its retrospective on 20 years of online retail. The accompanying story notes that the first online purchase 20 years ago was a Sting CD, and then it quotes leading UK retailers describing their observations on how the market has changed over that time.

Among the other notable tweets:

  • McKinsey shared its interview with Devin Wenig (about which we have written about earlier);
  • IBM linked to an infographic about online retail in the holiday season which suggested that cart abandonment is up and conversion rates are down;
  • The Economic Times compared the relative offerings of Amazon and Flipkart in the India ecommerce markets.

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@IBMSmrtCommerce: Official IBM Smarter Commerce account.

@Adobe: Official Adobe account — “Changing the world through digital experiences.”

@alrickbrown: Social media guy for @PFSweb — eCommerce blogger with an affinity towards stats and facts.

@TheDrum: UK’s most-visited marketing news web site.

About the Authors

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital. Andrew Birmingham is the editor and publisher of Which-50.

The Chatter Report is an initiative of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit

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