The analyst Chatter Report – the most influential digital transformation research shared this week

WHICH 50 : The analyst Chatter Report – the most influential digital transformation research shared this week

The rise of megacities, the future of work, the primacy of the customer experience and the growing importance of Pinterest and Instagram headline our research analyst Chatter Report this week.

Each week, the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 analyst Chatter Report identfies the most influential social shares in the world originating from research and analysis outfits like Gartner, Forrester, Constellation, L2 and others, along with management consulting companies like McKinsey & Company and Bain. It was a busy week for the boffins, with well over 11,500 social shares based on the search terms we track — the best result for this Chatter Report since we began two months ago.

Accenture (via @accenturelabs) has been pumping out the digital research at a rapid rate in recent months. It delivered the most popular social share of the week with a tweet pointing to an infographic called “From Looking Digital to Being Digital”. According to Accenture, many companies look digital but few actually are.

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As an infographic it is actually very detailed, covering topics such as edge-centric decision making, real-time adaption, and human digital recombination with mini case studies to illustrate each point.

While Accenture was looking at the future of work, the World Economic Forum was looking at the future of the world. And, in particular, the role of cities. The WEF tweeted a link to a video explaining that the world’s hundred biggest cities generate 40 per cent of world economic output. This mass-urbanisation is one of the mega trends that McKinsey & Company, for instance, is emphasising to its blue chip client base.

One of the key points in the video:

Cities are the repository of the middle class around the world, and of course the middle class is increasing hugely, and of course demanding more goods and services … 90 per cent or more of the urbanisation that we are going to see in this decade and the next is going to come from outside the West, and overwhelmingly in Asia. By the end of this decade, about 60 per cent of the Chinese population will be living in cities — a huge transformation if you consider China was a poor and rural society only three and a half decades ago.

There is also a link to a WEF report called “The Competitiveness of Cities”.

The social chatter originating from @forrester was on more familiar territory — improving customer experience which, says the research group, is now the number-one priority for business executives. The tweet linked to a short video of Harley Manning, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research, discussing how customer experience is the result of a complex system of interdependent people, processes, policies, and technology that Forrester calls the “customer experience ecosystem”. Sounds expensive. There is also a link to a longer podcast.

Forrester Research also covered the growing significance of image sharing services like Pinterest and Instagram, which are attracting more and more engagement from consumers, they say.

@Gartner_inc shared its opinion that “CIOs can lead their organizations in the pursuit of digital business or risk returning to the back office”.

As digital business grows, with its blurring of the physical and digital worlds through the connection of people, business and things, CIOs must evolve from being the ‘head of IT’ to playing an important role in setting the strategic direction of the enterprise. Why? Because the impact of digital business on industries and individual organisations will be immense. By 2017, one in five industry leaders will have ceded their market dominance to a company founded after 2000.

Finally, a second tweet by @AccenturePLM noted that The Internet of Things is at the top of @Gartner’s famous hype cycle. It linked to a Huffington Post story and Slideshare presentation by Extreme Networks CMO @ValaAfshar.

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@Wef: Official account of the World Economic Forum #WEF — “International institution committed to improving the state of the world”.

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@Gartner_inc: “We deliver the technology-related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day”.

About the Authors

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital. Andrew Birmingham is the editor and publisher of Which-50.

The Chatter Report is an initiative of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit

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