Strong global growth in retargeting across the Facebook : AdRoll

WHICH 50 : Strong global growth in retargeting across the Facebook : AdRoll

Advertisers around the world increased their spend on retargeting across Facebook by 31 per cent according to an analysis of data from the AdRoll Network.

And that retargeting paid significant benefits according to the authors of the study. “Specifically, our advertisers saw a 92 per cent increase in impression reach, a nine per cent drop in cost per thousand impressions (CPM), a 27 per cent decrease in cost per clicks (CPC), and a 26 per cent increase in click-through rates (CTR).”

The company claims B2B advertisers are also increasingly taking advantage of the social network using retargeting on Facebook for content marketing as a way to increase social engagement. “B2B CTRs have increased by 140 per cent, and ASPA has increased by 60 per cent.”

“Only a few years ago, Facebook advertising was viewed as a channel strictly to reach consumers. However, media consumption habits have shifted and B2B marketers have had to adapt by becoming more like their B2C counterparts.”

As a result, the study report, B2B marketers are now executing successful branding and lead generation campaigns on Facebook. “Content marketing has become a staple in the B2B marketing sphere and Facebook.”

Another of the major finding of the  report, which is called Facebook by the Numbers 2015 is that running campaigns across a diversified inventory mix produces better performance and a greater ROI.

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“Considering that Facebook is one of the largest inventory sources, it is no surprise that adding it to an existing retargeting strategy can result in a significant boost impact on performance.”

An examination of total conversions between Facebook and web display campaigns revealed that the majority of conversions still happen on display. “However, adding Facebook retargeting to existing display campaigns resulted in an increase in reach, a significant drop in CPC, and a lower click CPA across the board.”

Cross device retargeting is also an increasingly important consideration. The study says that when advertisers added mobile retargeting to existing desktop campaigns, they saw a substantial improvement in performance across Facebook inventory.

“Every region saw an increase in impressions and CTR, and a decrease in CPC.”


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