December 23 was the biggest day ever for Prime Now deliveries as Amazon flexed its muscles over the holiday period.

According to Slice Intelligence, Amazon accounted for 45.5 per cent of online spending in the week leading up to December 17, 2016. The figures are based on an analysis of online shopping receipts.

Source: Slice Intelligence

In an overview of its performance during the holidays, Amazon said more than one billion items shipped worldwide with Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) this holiday season.

Without revealing the specific figures, Amazon said the number of people trying Prime (members and trials) continues to grow. It’s a lucrative customer segment for the ecommerce giant, Prime members spend considerably more and tend to be more loyal then than non-prime members.

December 23, 2016, was the biggest day ever for Prime Now deliveries worldwide and members ordered three times as many items compared to last year with one and two-hour delivery worldwide.

Prime members in Dallas, Texas ordered more items with Prime Now than any other city in the US this holiday season.

The fastest Prime Now delivery on Christmas Eve took just 13 minutes and was delivered at 9:05 pm to a Prime member in Redondo Beach, California. That’s the same amount of time it took for Amazon to deliver its first package by drone in the UK in December as part of an ongoing trial.

Figures provided by Amazon don’t reveal the average time of delivery, however they do provide an insight into the ecommerce giant’s operations.

December 19 was the peak worldwide shipping day this holiday season enabled by Amazon’s investment over the last two years in dozens of new facilities kitted out with robotic technology.

There are now 45,000 robotics units working in more than 20 fulfillment centers. However, Jeff Bezos hasn’t managed to eliminate humans completely from the process, in the US more than 200,000 full-time and seasonal workers were on hand during the record-breaking shipping season.

As the following chart from Statista shows, Amazon’s human workforce is growing rapidly despite the big investments in automation.
Infographic: 45,000 Robots Form Part Of Amazon Workforce | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Amazon fulfillment centers in San Marcos, Texas and Kent, Washington, as well as two Polish fulfillment centres, in Poznan and Wroclaw, shipped more than one million items in a single day, the company said.

Amazon’s Etsy rival, Handmade, gets a quick mention in the holiday wrap up. The marketplace enjoyed a 200 per cent increase in sales on Cyber Monday in 2016 versus the same day in 2015.

Mobile continues to grow as a channel for traffic and sales. More than 72 per cent of Amazon customers worldwide shopped (ie browsed) using a mobile device this holiday. Shopping on the free Amazon mobile app grew by 56 per cent this holiday, worldwide.

While crunching its holiday figures, Amazon has gifted the world with the following obscure fun facts:

  • customers purchased enough 4K TVs to reach the peak of Mount Everest more than 9 times.
  • customers purchased enough KitchenAid Mixers this holiday to make nearly 7.5 million cookies at once.
  • customers purchased enough golf balls this holiday that, if lined up, would equal the length of Pebble Beach golf course four times over.
  • delivered enough men’s jeans to fill one Olympic-size swimming pool.
  • customers purchased enough running shoes to run 18,603 times around the globe.
  • customers purchased 2.5 million watches – that is a watch purchased every 1.5 seconds this holiday season.


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