Pegasystems used its annual user conference in Las Vegas to announce the expansion of Pega Exchange, a curated online marketplace for applications, add-on components, and useful utilities.

Its business users and developers now have access to more than 90 apps and reusable components from Pegasystems, its partners, and the broader developer community.

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Companies like Pegasystems, and rivals like SAP and Oracle are increasingly promoting the importance of the ecosystem of app suppliers they integrate into their platforms. Indeed in some sectors of the industry the ecosystems are starting to display the characteristics of micro-economies. The participants don’t just share apps but can conduct business with each other — Adobe and NetSuite have both made such initiatives in recent years, although it is early days for everyone.

The Pegasystems announcement does not go that far.

Instead The Pega Exchange is designed to save organisations time and resources by providing downloadable building blocks that enable users to quickly build new applications or add and deploy robust features to existing applications, according to the company.

This should result in overall productivity gains, higher application quality, and faster time to market.

“The expanded marketplace includes add-on components and connectors from Pega partners such as DocuSign, a global leader in Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and e-Signature technology, and Box, a leading content management platform,” according to a statement from the company. “It also enables third-party developers to upload their own finished applications and add-ons and gain recognition for their contributions to the greater Pega community.”

And Pegasystems says the web site is closely monitored to ensure users have access to the highest quality building blocks for their own applications, as well as corresponding documentation on compatibility and installation.

“As the greater Pega ecosystem continues to grow and flourish, we will continue to enhance the Pega Exchange to be an optimal resource for developers, partners, and business users to find and share the tremendous innovation that is organically happening in the community,” said Don Schuerman, Vice President of Product Marketing and Chief Technical Officer, Pegasystems. “The Pega Exchange will provide a robust library of contributed apps and add-ons to help users create better applications for rapidly changing business environments.”

“By making every decision, approval, workflow, and signature fully digital, DocuSign delivers business processes that are faster, easier, more convenient and secure for everyone involved,” said Mark Register, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign. “Participating in the Pega Exchange provides an exciting new way to enable users to easily integrate DocuSign DTM and eSignature technology to build better business applications.”

The Pega Exchange will also house Pega Innovation Labs products — applications and components in beta that will be available for users to tinker with and test.

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