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It is a challenging time to be a marketer. Consumers demand more personalised experiences than ever, and for marketers it feels like the customer’s expectations just keep on rising. In such a complex business environment a sophisticated approach to data is the key to success. Download: The Data Driven CMO

Australian packaging manufacturer Visy is making big investments in technology to automate its factories, and maintains it will end up employing more people, thanks to its natural growth.  The privately-owned paper, package and recycling company is riding a wave of technological change that’s reshaping the manufacturing and logistics industries.   

“When are you going to launch Prime?” That’s the number one request Amazon has gotten from customers since it launched in Australia five months ago. And the answer — according to Russ Grandinetti Amazon SVP, International Consumer — is soon. “I don’t have any news to report about Prime other

The Supreme Court of Victoria has embarked on a digital transformation which has enabled it to digitise its case management system and turn its courtrooms into recording studios. The changes are significant for an institution that hasn’t changed much at all over the last hundred years or so, says Pauline

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The past decade has seen some significant shifts in the way talent is perceived, managed and remunerated in the analytics profession. From back-room quants with sensible shoes to the ‘data science’ darlings of the media sector, analysts have seen a stellar rise in professional cachet. The annual IAPA Skills and

For customers and merchants alike, it’s an intriguing time to be in retail in Australia. We’re bombarded with tales of woe, such as retail sales seeing their biggest fall in four-and-a-half years, plunging 0.6 per cent in August and not moving in September, while the NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index

Three trends stood out at this year’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas: the integration of marketing and advertising technology; artificial intelligence; and privacy. All of them have implications far beyond the Adobe ecosystem. On the integration of marketing and advertising technology, for the first time it feels like Adobe has finally

As data becomes more important to the way organisations work,  business should expect their data assets will eventually make their way onto the balance sheet. That’s the view of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) which which spend 2018 advocating for the move, according to a spokesperson. Indeed data

Almost half of the IT and business leaders in a new study remain complacent about the impact of digital transformation on their business.  That’s according to research conducted by Telsyte and commissioned by DXC Technology. The report, “Beyond Disruption: How Australian Organisations Can Transform and Thrive in the Digital Age” is

It had to happen eventually. The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has hastened the inevitable backlash against rampant data collection and micro-targeting online. And it’s threatening to deliver a wave of regulation behind it. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The story first broke as a result of a joint investigation