Commonwealth Bank has upgraded its online data-driven tools that provide businesses with practical insights to enhance their performance and productivity. Daily IQ 3.0 provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and institutional businesses with personalised insights into their cash flow, their performance against the industry, as well as the purchasing behaviours

Customer service software provider Zendesk has acquired FutureSimple, the company behind Base. Base is known for building sales force automation software. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Zendesk said it will invest in Base’s ongoing market growth and product development, focusing on existing customers and delivering products for smaller,

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Consumers say they would use artificial intelligence if it helps them save time and money. That’s the finding from a recent survey by Gartner. The survey found 58 per cent of respondents would use AI if it helps them save time by taking over some tasks and 53 per cent

Microsoft and Vision Australia have launched Soundscape, an app to help those who are blind or with low vision navigate their community through a 3D audio experience. This partnership is a part of Microsoft’s five year $25 million accessibility and AI program called AI For Accessibility. The product development group

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Blockchain projects are attracting more interest, and more cash, from large enterprises, according to a study from Juniper Research. The survey found 65 per cent of responding enterprises with over 10,000 employees are considering or actively engaged in blockchain deployment. This marks a significant rise from last year, when the

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The digital transformation of society has brought many immediate benefits: it’s created new jobs and services, boosted efficiency and promoted innovation. But when it comes to improving the way we govern, the story is not that simple. It seems reasonable to imagine introducing digital information and communication technologies into public

With the arrival of 5G, operators are looking at potentially massive investments in areas such as new network infrastructure, base stations, backhaul capacity and spectrum — around which there is much uncertainty. Also uncertain at this point – how these moves will provide a return on investment. Download the full

Online graphic design company Canva has taken out the top spot in LinkedIn’s inaugural list of the top 25 Australian startups to work for.  The list is comprised of companies from different backgrounds such as retail, financial services, food production and furniture. This is the first time the professional social

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Digital versions of NSW driver’s licenses will be underpinned by blockchain technology built by Sydney-based data security company Secure Logic. Secure Logic today launched its ‘TrustGrid’ platform, an advanced blockchain solution that delivers a secure, decentralised and immutable ledger of transactions. The platform is designed to help combat identity related crimes

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ACS has acquired Brisbane-based River City Labs Group and will take over the operations of the RCL Accelerator and Startup Catalyst. The ICT industry body said it will commit $7.5 million over the next three years to support tech entrepreneurs. The acquisition takes effect immediately and all staff will remain