Digital transformation pressures are changing the way companies are investing in software, with IT departments placing a greater emphasis on customisation. Australian business software investments are shifting towards customisation and development as businesses evolve, according to new research by emerging technology analyst firm Telsyte. Sign up to Which-50’s Irregular Insights

Office Depot

Like a lot of companies well into their second decade of ecommerce, Office Depot found itself sitting on a rat’s nest of systems and complications when it finally decided to bring digital order to its operations. The company, which is owned by private equity, operates in 30 countries. According to

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The majority of press and pundits equate cloud to Amazon and Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS.  As I noted in a recent blog (see The Battle for the Cloud Has Not Even Started) this fascination with infrastructure and processing power is logical, but narrow. It happens to align to

Lenovo ThinkPad

More integrated and collaborative workplaces mean technology companies now see their products as a service — not a standalone piece of hardware according to Lenovo managing director, ANZ, Matt Codrington. Speaking at a Lenovo event that celebrated 25 years of ThinkPads — the company’s most enduring laptop — Codrington told

When it comes to deciding whether to stick with a brand or walk away it turns out that consumers rate privacy, transparency, and trust more highly than customer service. The findings are contained in a global study by SAP Hybris of 20,000 consumers.   According to Johann Wrede, Global Vice President,

Businesses with disruption fatigue received a harsh reality check today. The disruption of markets will continue, and the pace will likely accelerate. That’s our takeout from the keynote delivered by SAP Hybris President and co-founder Carsten Thoma to the 3300 customers, partners and staff who are attending the companies annual SAP

Australian small and medium businesses are increasing their digital literacy, with more organisations moving beyond ‘basic’ usage levels of digital products. According to the Deloitte Access Economics’ Connected Small Businesses 2017 report for Google SMB, 12 per cent of businesses have moved up the ladder and no longer have ‘basic’

Digital transformation has moved from strategy to a matter of survival, according to Australian executives and analysts. So who is doing it well and what do they have in common? In an examination of Australian organisations who are getting digital right, some common themes emerged: digital transformation is no longer

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Amazon Go and other ‘invisible payment’ technologies, aimed at reducing or removing physical checkouts from the retail experience, will process over $78 billion in transactions by 2022, up from an expected $9.8 billion this year, a new study from Juniper Research has found. The research argues the majority of revenues

Annual cost savings derived from the adoption of chatbots in healthcare will reach $3.6 billion globally by 2022, up from an estimated $2.8 million in 2017. This growth will average 320 per cent per annum, as AI-powered chatbots will drive improved customer experiences for patients. Sign up to Which-50’s Irregular