At a time when customer experiences are critical to engaging consumers, and when consumer advocacy is one of the most powerful tools a brand can muster, consumer trust is a core competitive advantage.

Here are five ways brands can build consumer trust;

Building Consumer Trust

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  • Transparency: At the point of collection, disclose how the information is being used. Collecting information you don’t need to fulfil the customer enquiry risks confusing and alienating consumers.
  • Innovation:  Make customer benefit your watchword and don’t let compliance choke innovation. Remember that in the digital economy, insurgents are often more willing to push up hard against the inertia of regulation to help their customers.
  • Clarity:  When asking customers for information, make sure the value of providing this is clear to the customer”.
  • Simplicity:  When providing information such as a privacy statement, keep the information short, simple, and readable. Turgid and lengthy legalese simply discourages consumers from engaging with the privacy policy.
  • Consent:  Get consent before you share information — and ensure the consumer understands what they are agreeing to. If you do share, it should be aggregated and anonymous.

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SOURCE: DGA Roundtable December 2016

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