Industrial Internet

industrial internet

The global energy industry is facing major challenges from the ongoing environmental issues, changing regulations, low oil prices, and high capital and operating costs. Those factors are forcing energy firms, which are traditionally considered conservative, to embrace a great deal of innovation and adopt disruptive technologies, according to leading data

Cape drone mapping

Telstra’s VC arm has invested in Cape, a US-based startup that builds software for drones. The cash will be used to expand R&D and to develop Cape’s go-to-market teams including the establishing Cape in Australia. Telstra Ventures participated in Cape’s series A funding, along with Google’s Gradient Ventures, Mitsui &

2018 marks 10 years since Rio Tinto began using autonomous mining trucks. The trucks are part of what Rio Tinto calls “the mine of the future” – a concept around innovation and reinvention to ensure the company survives and thrives in periods of change. Former Rio Tinto CEO, Sam Walsh,

Logistics company Linfox has tasked Telstra with rolling out IoT technology across its truck fleet which will capture transport and logistics data. Telstra and its subsidary MTData will implement an advanced telematics and management solution into Linfox’s Australian truck fleet aimed at enhancing public and driver safety on Australian roads.

Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology company Cohda Wireless has opened an office in Shanghai to supply China’s rapidly developing markets for smart cities and autonomous cars. China is a global leader in developing smart city technology as its national government aims to encourage information-rich connected systems to improve the liveability

The race to market for widespread driverless cars may be on, but that doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near a deployable reality. Much of the initial hype has settled down, and the claims made by manufacturers and startups with regards to timelines have moderated. As the key stakeholders – the automotive

Industrial Internet

Rio Tinto’s fleet of autonomous haul trucks achieved a significant milestone in January by moving their one-billionth tonne of material. Since commencing trial operations in 2008, haul trucks fitted with Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) technology have now moved more than one billion tonnes of both ore and waste material across

While companies might reap significant gains in productivity from automating certain jobs, this won’t necessarily lead to pay rises for everyone. The evidence suggests businesses might pass on the gains to some workers, but not to all. Some 40 per cent of all jobs are predicted to disappear with automation

industrial internet

Digital adoption is increasing in chemical companies’ plants as more firms recognise the technologies’ financial and operational value, according to Accenture’s new “Digital Technology in Chemical Plant Operations” survey. Yet, digital technologies are still in the early stages of deployment on the plant floor. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve

Last week John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry unveiled BlackBerry Jarvis, a cybersecurity software product for automakers, in a keynote address at the North American International Automotive Show. Built on the company’s decades of cybersecurity expertise and proprietary technology, Jarvis is a cloud-based static binary code scanning solution