Jeanne Bliss, regarded by many as the godmother of the CX movement is set to deliver the international keynote address at the fifth annual Customer 360 Symposium to be held in the Hunter Valley this  April.

According to Ashton Media co-founder and conference content director Mark Abay, “Bliss is a true pioneer of the role of Chief Customer Officer. She was the first CX executive for five major US corporations including Microsoft and Lands’ End.”

As one of the foremost experts on customer-centric leadership, Bliss will prompt the audience to re-evaluate their CX practices by asking one simple question, he said,  “Would you do that to your mother?”

Bliss is set to deliver key insights from her forthcoming book, where she explores key areas such as enabling employees to deliver value, being a joy to do business with, designing experiences to enable customers to achieve their goals, and establishing customer trust.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace where consumers hold the power, delivering an exceptional customer experience is becoming an ever more important differentiator in the fight for consumer spend,” Abay told Which-50.

Innovations in technology are revolutionising the way that consumers interact with brands, and consumers are now deciding exactly how, when are where they want to engage with a business, he said. 

“It’s now more important than ever for companies to move with the times and evolve their CX in line with the changing needs of the customer to gain a competitive advantage,” he said.

Recognising the increasing strategic importance of CX, Abay says Customer 360 Symposium brings together the sharpest minds in CX and marketing to learn from inspiring international keynotes and local case studies to explore the latest trends shaping consumers’ behaviour and what this means for CX strategy. 

“We’ll be exploring topics such as include customer experience leadership, creating a customer-centric business culture, employee experience as the cornerstone of CX, artificial intelligence in transforming customer service, voice of the customer, building the business case for investment in customer experience, CX as a pillar for growth, creating data-driven and personalised experiences, seamless CX across customer touchpoints, and the role of voice interfaces, such as Google Home and the new-to-market Amazon Alexa, in the evolution and disruption of CX.”

Learn More: The Symposium takes place in the Hunter Valley between April 9 and 11. For qualifying senior executives, attendance to the conference is complimentary as the Symposium has been sponsored by a select group of market-leading partners. You can find out more about the conference and how to attend here .

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