Driverless cars and flying autonomous vehicles are still more than a decade away, according to Gartner’s latest hype cycle.

Gartner has released its 2018 emerging technology hype cycle which identifies 35 promising technologies which could unlock a competitive advantage for companies over the next five to 10 years.

The annual assessment identifies the most hyped technologies (deep learning) and how long until they are widely adopted (two to five years).

Blockchain is on its way to the trough of disillusionment and is another five to 10 years away from mass adoption, known as the plateau of productivity.

Mixed reality is making its way to the trough of disillusionment, and augmented reality has almost reached the bottom.

Meanwhile, quantum computing is making its way to the peak of inflated expectations, alongside 5G and smart robots.

 Gartner 2018 emerging technology hype cycle

AI everywhere

Artificial intelligence is prominent across the hype cycle, with Gartner predicting AI technologies will be virtually everywhere over the next 10 years.

“Technologies representing democratised AI populate three out of five sections on the Hype Cycle, and some of them, such as deep neural nets and virtual assistants, will reach mainstream adoption in the next two to five years,” said Mike J. Walker, research vice president at Gartner.

“Other emerging technologies of that category, such as smart robots or AI PaaS, are also moving rapidly through the Hype Cycle approaching the peak and will soon have crossed it.”

According to Walker, business and technology leaders will continue to face rapidly accelerating technology innovation.

“Digitalised ecosystem technologies are making their way to the Hype Cycle fast,” said Walker. “Blockchain and IoT platforms have crossed the peak by now, and we believe that they will reach maturity in the next five to 10 years, with digital twins and knowledge graphs on their heels.”

DIY biohacking will also emerge over the next decade. This trend is enabled by the following technologies: Biochips, Biotech — Cultured or Artificial Tissue, Brain-Computer Interface, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Smart Fabrics.

Technologies supporting ubiquitous infrastructure are on track to reach the peak and move fast along the Hype Cycle. 5G and deep neural network ASICs, in particular, are expected to reach the plateau in the next two to five years.

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