Australia’s largest analytics community, The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), has announced the launch of the first evidence-based Analytics Credential in Australia.

Analytics experts from Telstra, ANZ, ATO, Optus, Analytikk Consulting, Tabcorp and SEEK provided input and feedback to ensure real-world requirements were incorporated into the Analytics Credentials.

IAPA said that its credential recognises analytics skills and capabilities benchmarked to industry standards.

It has partnered with the Deakin Universty backed DeakinDigital, to develop both a new analytics Professional Capabilities Standard and credential model.

The goal is to develop a world-first system of independently verified, evidence-based analytics credentials that provide recognition of an individual’s experience, skills and capability gained through professional practice in the workplace.

This will enable businesses and individuals to recognise analytics-specific capabilities benchmarked against globally recognised academic and industry standards.

IAPA said the standard will be an essential tool for organisations to ensure that they recruit, develop and retain the best talent to build an effective analytics team for the future.

“The analytics industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. However, employers still find recruiting, developing and retaining analytics staff to be a huge challenge,” said IAPA General Manager, Annette Slunjski.

“Built around skills and capabilities, analytics professionals and practitioners can now gain an industry-recognised credential that attests to their level of analytics expertise. For employers, this allows independent verification of candidate skills during recruitment and, in concert with the IAPA skills assessment tool, a structured approach to staff professional development.”

Credentials are applicable for Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Business Intelligence roles. Data Analytics will be available from November, Data Science will launch by the end of the year and there are plans for a Business Intelligence Credential in 2017.

According to Simon Hann, CEO of DeakinDigital, every organisation’s future is linked to its ability to extract knowledge from data effectively, and that is why DeakinDigital is excited to be working with IAPA to develop a suite of Analytics Credentials.

He said the Analytics Credentials will identify and recognise an individual’s analytic capability and enable them to stand out in the market for their expertise. For businesses, these credentials will ensure they recruit and develop the best talent to build an analytics team of the future.

The Credentials are available exclusively as part of paid individual or corporate IAPA membership.

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