Even brand relationships will be disrupted by digital, says Forrester Research

more of their resources building compelling digital customer relationships, according to Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey.

In a recent company blog, McQuivey argues that brand relationships are about to be digitally disrupted. 

According to McQuivey, “That ultimate digital customer relationship is the type of relationship that digital tools and services enable and that digital consumers welcome. They’re happily signing up for anything that tethers them to a source that can give them more of what they want, more easily than before.

The Forrester analyst notes that despite the controversial issue of privacy, “consumers are diving into deep digital relationships with companies or brands that deal with the most sensitive aspects of their lives.”

These new ways of working with customers will still achieve brand relationships, but this will be a by-product of the ultimate customer relationship.

His advice to marketers? “That’s where smart marketers can lead their organizations forward by renouncing their pet preoccupation with brand metrics and instead insist that the company design and build its ultimate digital customer relationship. Focusing on the customer you want to have a relationship with is the fastest way to bring your various problems into focus. Need new technical abilities?”

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