Fairfax-owned property site the Domain Group has launched an open API allowing developers, businesses and partners to access the company’s rich property datasets.

The API offers access to agencies and listing data, editorial content data, and property and location data, including auction results.

Simon Farrugia, senior product manager, platforms & API at Domain Group described the move as a first of its kind for the Australian property industry.

“To date, it has been timely and costly for a startup or established business to quickly move on an idea. It typically involves filling out forms, signing an NDA, and agreeing to contracts,” Farrugia said.

“The delivery often involves working with manual data exchanges which is error prone and inefficient. We are removing the barriers and democratising our property data, and encouraging innovation.”

The company said sharing its data will deliver completely new solutions or add new value to existing applications.

“Opening up our property data is a new way for us to strengthen relationships with our partners and build our position as a leading property platform,” said Mark Cohen, Domain Group CTO.

“The wealth of data Domain Group holds provides enormous value to the Australian property industry and we look forward to seeing what innovations eventuate from this.”

Domain also recently launched the ‘Domain Loan Finder’ in partnership with leading home loan platform Lendi.

The online tool allows buyers to connect with more than 30 lenders, including major banks, coupled with access to a national community of home loan specialists for personalised help and expert advice.

“This is a very important strategic announcement for Domain, and means we are the first major real estate listings portal to move beyond helping our audience find a home to helping them secure a home. Domain will be Australia’s first end-to-end property search and finance platform,” Domain CEO Antony Catalano said.

Fairfax Media is planning to spin off Domain as a separate ASX-listed company by the end of the year, with Fairfax retaining between 60 and 70 per cent of the new company.

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