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Australian workers lack the skill set to fully engage with digital technologies and unlock the productivity benefits on offer, according to Jack Hylands, GM Strategy & New Product, RMIT Online. And meeting that demand will require the collaboration of industry and education providers, as well as a new approach to course delivery.

HubSpot has appointed Shahid Nizami as managing director of the Asia Pacific region. In his new role, Nizami will be responsible for HubSpot’s performance across Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and India, and will be based in HubSpot’s Singapore office, working closely with the teams based in both Singapore and

Today’s marketing leaders are being asked to take on more responsibility and lead initiatives that expand beyond brand growth to data-driven innovation and differentiating customer experiences. With these shifting expectations comes the need for marketers to expand their leadership capabilities as well, as the stakeholders they must influence swell beyond

People no longer buy products and services, they buy experiences. At least, that’s what they remember, according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, who argues delivering experiences is now the key differentiator for businesses. But Narayen and Adobe contend delivering those experiences consistently at scale can not be achieved with legacy

When Adobe bought Magento for almost $US1.7 billion in May it answered one question – how would Adobe fill its glaring e-commerce hole,  but raised another one, at least amongst the Magento installed based. When we interviewed Magento customers at the time, they understood how Magento’s enterprise product made sense for

Founded in 2001, Index Exchange is one of the oldest adtechs but it’s also one of the newest players to join the Australian market. An analysis of local publishers’ ads.txt files shows the ad exchange has been widely adopted, despite only entering the Australian market a little over a year

SEMrush, an online visibility and content management platform provider, has launched its inaugural 2018 Australian Search Awards, replicating similar awards it provides overseas. The awards are designed to recognise what the company describes as the boldest marketing campaigns and the brightest marketing teams working in the online space, that have achieved

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If you want to see an insurgent digital company that ticks all the boxes of contemporary Internet nomenclature, it would be hard to go past Zuper. An innovative fintech, its members sit at the core of the business, crowdsourcing the expertise needed to pick trends, build products and even help

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As brand advertising takes on more of the characteristics of performance, inevitably there will be a push to more directly attribute sales to a category of marketing spend that has avoided such scrutiny in the past. We asked sell and buy-side marketers around the region how likely this is. The future of advertising is

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Blockchain won’t solve all your problems. However, when applied to suitable use cases the emerging technology has the potential to remove unnecessary “middlemen” and disrupt some well established industries. That’s the view of Gennady Volchek, CEO and founder of Shping, a blockchain-based customer loyalty platform that claims the new technology