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Senior executives with a history of change-management practice behind them understand the importance of the interdependencies between people, process, and technology. Each of these areas needs to be understood in terms of its potential impact upon the others when an organisation embarks upon a transformation program. But there is another

Delivering exceptional customer experiences has quickly become table stakes for marketers. Too often, though, these experiences are undermined by inconsistent messaging and opportunities go begging. Repeated or irrelevant messages breed consumer intolerance and annoyance, which is quickly vocalised and often amplified by social media. Inconsistent messaging can also be a

Agile, customer-focused fintechs have disrupted the financial services industry in many ways forcing FSI leaders to take note. By offering innovative and frictionless financial experiences in a sector, which has historically been defined by the opposite, the insurgents are setting a new competitive benchmark. Murray Howe, Adobe Head of Industry

A digital gap has emerged in the quality of websites in the Australian finance Industry. Leaders have recognised the critical need for a high quality digital experiences as Australians increasingly move their financial services online. While others have neglected their websites and now risk undermining vital consumer trust. Siteimprove crawled

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Most Australian marketers have a lot of work to do to match the industry and global leaders in email marketing, according to research from dotmailer. Australian retailers are getting the basics right but are struggling with more sophisticated data-driven email campaigns. “It’s clear from the study that we’re focusing very

Digital accessibility is gaining increasing traction as an issue in Australia. But while advocates argue inclusive design should be standard practice, new research suggests many organisations are still lagging. Even a sector like finance, often considered a leader in accessibility, is struggling. According to research from Siteimprove, 94 per cent

Think about your day, today. Did you waste time, repeat work unnecessarily, navigate your way through chaotic toolsets (web conferencing software, anyone?), or find yourself battling ineffective processes? If so, at least you are not alone. Happily a new ebook from marketing resource management provider Simple identifies a set of

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Some leading Australian retailers demonstrate strong capabilities in email marketing, but few do so across the board, and stand out performers remain the exception and not the rule. In fact most retailers are still leaving too much money on the table by failing to execute the basics well. That’s our

The 5G question is not if, but when. The initial signs from both industry and government are positive, but 5G rollout remains a considerable task, particularly for the Australian market, according to an Axicom white paper. “Announcements earlier this year by Australia’s biggest carriers suggest the shift to 5G is

When digital platforms and services are provided to you for “free” you are the product. This value exchange – products and services for user data – is becoming better understood by consumers, but perhaps not as clearly as many in the technology sector imagine. The recent revelations involving Facebook and