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Successful innovation is not about getting it right the first time. It’s about getting there first — creating something that is novel and has value. And getting there first repeatedly demands experimentation at scale. Stefan Thomke is professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, and a powerful advocate for

Innovative technology, like any new initiative, requires a holistic and integrated approach. However, funding that new technology requires a more nuanced strategy. That’s the view of Stuart O’Neill, general manager, Customer Success, SAP ANZ, who argues incremental gains will only come when new technology is integrated with existing software. Intelligent

Brands have a grip on the basics of email marketing but “need to move further afield”, according to research from dotmailer. The local portion of the research suggests Australian brands are also finding it difficult to deliver quality email experiences. Email marketing automation company, dotmailer, analysed 100 global ecommerce brands

Machine learning and big data will produce the earliest wins for organisations utilising emerging digital technology, according to Sehida Frawley, SAP ANZ head of Digital Business Services. However she cautions generating value and confidence in the technology will depend on an organisation’s resources, technology “ecosystems”, and trust. Intelligent enterprises effectively

More than a decade has passed since the first iPhones and Android’s hit the market. Yet for many, mobile marketing remains a singularly unexplored venture. It’s constantly changing and growing at an exponential rate, offering marketers an enormous opportunity. But few Australian marketers are taking it. It is time to

The world of marketing resource management (MRM) is changing. Once considered a huge overhaul capable of soaking up months of management time, the emergence of cloud-based solutions now offers marketing teams a more rapid return on investment. Early MRM systems failed to fulfill their promise to organise, orchestrate and optimise

While many marketers are enamoured with the advantages of martech, it is worth remembering the activity should always be optimised. After all, marketing technology is only as good as the data feeding it, and customers’ behaviour is constantly providing new data. Deliver the very best customer experience with seamless marketing

The financial services industry, under pressure from fintechs, has turned its attention to the customer. According to research from Adobe, the industry is “catching up” on customer experience by focusing on data-driven marketing, personalisation and AI. Senior executives are looking to “master” these strategies and then leverage the vast amounts

Customer Experience

Great customer support can be thought of as just being always there at the right time. That’s the view of Caitlin Green, CEO of KINSHIP digital — a local digital agency that has built a specialist practice around the Sprinklr customer experience platform and social data insights. KINSHIP digital has

Brands need to do more than just listen to what their customers are saying about them. They need to be able to absorb the messages and respond in an engaging and meaningful way, says Caitlin Green, new CEO of KINSHIP digital. “It is important to understand the relationship you have