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While often overhyped and sometimes misapplied, artificial intelligence is already driving genuine business outcomes, according to its advocates. Which-50 spoke with executives working with AI in an attempt to cut through the hype and understand how the technology is being used today. Nigel Watson, Google Cloud head of cloud technology

We wanted to help marketers understand how streamlining their marketing workflows saves time. So we created a marketing workflow to describe the process of creating a marketing workflow. Then we asked one of our consultants to streamline it (see what we did there?). This is what happened. But before we

How an organisation approaches emerging technology and innovation is influenced considerably by the sector it operates in. A point underscored by the strategies taken by executives from Australian mining company Roy Hill and online retailer The Iconic. While one organisation is largely concerned with the efficiencies of mining and transporting

In a world of multichannel marketing, and as more dollars shift into digital marketing, it is important that brands genuinely understand where their marketing is having the most effect. However, while the impact of individual campaigns can be measured down to the level of clicks and impressions in micro moments,

Research by consultants such as McKinsey & Company provides strong empirical support for the commercial proposition behind diversity – businesses with more diverse leadership teams make more money. There is a simple reason for this. To solve problems with the best and most sustainable solutions it helps to have as

Emerging technology is providing innovative ways to disrupt traditional business models but the solutions often have a limited use case, according to Stephen Moore, SAP Australian and New Zealand executive director. Following a panel discussion in Sydney Moore spoke to Which-50 about emerging technology and how his clients are approaching innovation.

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The 2018 State of the CIO report from IDG found that while strategic goals for CIOs have increased across the board, functional duties have all but vanished. This leaves today’s leaders to perform challenging balancing acts in order to accomplish work that’s both transformational and operational. Though the end game to transform,

Organisations of all sizes are coming to grips with how to move from a monolithic, legacy ERP single system-of-record to best-of-breed SaaS applications, and as they do two common themes emerge. First, SaaS applications are often purchased without the knowledge of IT. Second, the journey to a cloud-centered environment is

As superannuation funds grapple with the most competitive landscape they have ever faced, the realisation is emerging that their data – the customer data they hold and the behavioural data they generate – may be the key not only to survival, but to success. Superannuation is now a consumer business.

It had to happen: like virtually every consumer market, superannuation has been blown open by competition. Superannuation fund members – like any consumers – have realised that it’s easier than ever to compare products, and that switching super funds is almost as simple as changing mobile phone providers. New technology-based