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Too often organisations only pay lip service to big data analytics and fail to leverage a data-driven marketing strategy, according to Dr Melanie Van Rooy, marketing director, of South African retail chain Makro. In tough times data analytics strategies are often some of the first cut, to the detriment of

The growth of video platforms, particularly Chinese company Momo’s recent push, has put mobile broadcasting well and truly on the investment map. Momo is now the leading live mobile broadcast platform in China and its share price has more than doubled since the beginning of 2017. AtlasTrend has previously written

Digital Realty Trust (DLR US) recently announced the acquisition of publicly listed competitor, DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT US) for US$4.95 billion plus the assumption of debt totalling US$1.6 billion. Funds based on trends that have returned up to 20.9 per cent in financial year 2017 – Find out more here

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As society shifts to a world of autonomous driving over the next 30 years, the economic implications are profound — initially, but not only for the automotive sector. Some of the world’s leading automotive brands are already investing heavily in the technology. Daimler for instance says that prototypes like its

In 2008, there were already more “things” or objects connected to the Internet than people. By 2020, it is estimated that the number of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion. A recent research report compiled by McKinsey forecasted that the total economic impact of the IoT on the global economy

Whole Foods Market will pay Whole Foods’ shareholders US$42.00 per share in cash, a 27 percent premium to the closing share price prior to the announcement and will assume all of Whole Foods’ debt. Whole Foods is one the portfolio companies in our Healthy Lifestyle Fund, a company whose brand and ethos of healthy eating

Last week, Alibaba (BABA US) hosted its annual investor day in Hangzhou, China. It has increasingly become China’s marquee technology and investor event as investors, media and other stakeholders gather to hear from Alibaba founder and Chairman, Jack Ma and his management team. So, what did we learn from the

Who is Carvana, why did it’s IPO bomb and is it now a buy?

As part of our “companies to watch” series, we discuss the recent IPO of Carvana (CVNA US). Who is Carvana, why did it’s IPO bomb and is it now a buy? Although these companies may not currently meet our investment criteria for reasons such as valuation, we keep a constant


In its most recent quarterly result, global online streaming powerhouse, Netflix (NFLX US) failed to meet some very high expectations in user growth for 1Q 2017. The internet television leader ended 2016 with almost 94 million subscribers, with users enjoying more than 125 million hours of movies and TV series