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Research by Capgemini and MIT has identified four overarching customer-experience archetypes: Hosts, Companions, Advisors and Directors. Of course the devil is in the detail and the real question is how can companies go about securing the best outcomes. For instance, are the smart application of technologies and the clever use

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As technological innovation accelerates at an alarming pace, the challenge of adapting and executing a winning customer-experience strategy can prove expensively daunting for many organisations. The largest gains accrue to firms that can incorporate great customer experience — augmented by digital technology — as an inseparable product feature to harness

The emergence over the last decade of a vibrant financial technology (Fintech) sector has changed the basis of competition in financial services — but it hasn’t changed the actual competitive landscape in a material sense. At least not yet. That’s the finding of a major World Economic Forum investigation which

Digital feedback has the potential to have a far-reaching business impact on things like customer loyalty and revenue. But only if it’s harnessed correctly. For instance, there are a handful of absolutely critical strategies you should be following, such as making sure you capture the right data. That may sound

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Each year, Australian consumers close their wallets and walk out the door of one business on the way to another. For the brands waving bye-bye to their unsatisfied customers, the cost is estimated at $120 billion. That figure comes from an Accenture study conducted in 2016, and demonstrates the importance

Marketers in the retail sector understand that delivering excellent and consistent customer experiences is critical. Increasingly they are utilising digital asset management strategies to do so. At an Aprimo Executive Breakfast event hosted at the ADMA Global Forum, leading marketing professionals discussed the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers. Following

The role of marketing is changing rapidly, and the diverse channels and solutions marketers need to understand are continually increasing.  At the same time, marketers need a holistic view of their customer to understand not only the path to purchase, but the entire customer lifecycle. This is becoming more and

If you have shopped online in the last year then you are one of the hundreds of millions of people around the world helping grow this multi-trillion-dollar industry. But, how did the online shopping industry start? What does it have to do with a pizza? Is it recession-proof? Most importantly,

Amazon’s acquisition of organic food retailer Whole Foods Market finalised last week, with Amazon announcing that its first order of business would be to reduce prices at Whole Foods’ stores. Amazon will also begin selling Whole Foods’ brands on its online site, install Amazon pickup lockers in some locations and

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Owners and creators of content are going to be the winners in the new age of video on demand, live streaming and binge watching. (It’s an issue we have explored in the past). Disney it seems (DIS US) holds the same view. It announced during its latest earnings that it plans to