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Oracle has agreed to acquire, an enterprise cloud platform for data science projects and workloads. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. is a platform for centralised data science tools and infrastructure. Oracle said it plans to integrate the data science platform with its cloud infrastructure to provide

Sydney researchers believe untapped electronic medical records could be used to predict when a person is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D). In a new study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics, researchers from the University of Sydney and the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC)

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Australian businesses are sold on the idea of big data but many are still struggling with the privacy implications and the ethical use of data. That’s the key takeaway from the 2018 Telsyte Big Data and Analytics Study 2018. The study found 80 per cent of organisations in Australia with

Online dating pioneer eHarmony is betting on machine learning to find long-lasting relationships for swipe-fatigued singles. The fee-based service believes the core premise that the company was built on 17 years ago — to help you find a longterm partner — is still what differentiates it from its app-based competitors

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The past decade has seen some significant shifts in the way talent is perceived, managed and remunerated in the analytics profession. From back-room quants with sensible shoes to the ‘data science’ darlings of the media sector, analysts have seen a stellar rise in professional cachet. The annual IAPA Skills and

As data becomes more important to the way organisations work,  business should expect their data assets will eventually make their way onto the balance sheet. That’s the view of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) which which spend 2018 advocating for the move, according to a spokesperson. Indeed data

It’s no secret that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are increasingly infiltrating our personal and social interactions to collect vast amounts of data on us every day. At the same time, privacy violations in cyberspace regularly make front page news. So how should privacy be protected

Customers, whether they are consumers in the B2C world or clients in B2B markets are more demanding and better equipped than ever. Expectations are ever rising and companies increasingly find themselves having to differentiate themselves from the pack and build world class experiences to maintain attachment to their brands. But

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Data Republic is partnering with analytics provider SAS to further enhance the services offered through its data exchange platform. The partnership will give customers analytics tools to uncover insights from the data listed on Data Republic’s data marketplace. Since launching in 2016, Data Republic’s secure data sharing ecosystem has grown

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Technology vendors are evangelising the notion that data is so valuable it should have a place on a company’s balance sheet. The idea is an extension of the conventional wisdom that the data can be used to generate powerful insights which will make businesses more competitive. Gartner analyst Doug Laney