Increasingly, data is the product. That’s certainly the case for the innovative consumer tech and wearables company Jawbone, which took its name from its devices’ ability to sense vibrations in the jawbone to deliver voice recognition. Senior Data Scientist Brian Wilt told Which-50, “Data really marries together our hardware and

Recruitment these days is data-driven, intelligent and proactive. The old model of posting a classified ad — in a newspaper or online — and waiting for a job candidate to tick all the boxes has passed. Companies have long needed to get smarter about recruitment. Hiring, firing and training staff

  Customer segmentation is a tried and true part of the marketer’s arsenal. Widely used to drive differentiation in brand communications both above and below the line, segmentation is traditionally sample-based and insight-focused — designed to build marketers’ understanding of who their customers are and how they relate to brands

During more than a decade in data analysis with companies like GE, Capgemini and Deloitte, and now as the Vice President in Bank of America’s Consumer & Business Lending group, Minakshi Srivastava has seen dramatic changes in how data analytics is understood and utilised. Srivastava spoke to Which-50 in advance of her

Predictive analytics has driven strong client retention at global recruitment service Monster — and helped the company to grow a stronger share of wallet — according to Jean Paul Isson, Global VP of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Isson will be in Sydney in July, when he will speak at

Predictive analytics expert Vik Singh has tested his vast knowledge of data and algorithms against the results of a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contest, and he will share his experiences next week when he teams up with ADMA and Which-50 for a live 30-minute webinar at 9:00am AEST, Wednesday 18

In the five minutes it has taken to write and edit this piece, Facebook has generated 17,903,228 likes, Google has powered 1,580,544 searches, and Amazon has generated $US809,137 in sales. For the data (and data visualisation) addicts amongst you, a real-time infographic on VentureBeat keeps you appraised of every second

By now you will have heard that there’s a “data revolution” underway, that your systems are brimming with “big data” and you need lots of data scientists and expensive software to survive this seismic shift. But maybe you should hold fire for a moment. There’s a huge amount of hype about

Data analytics burst into commercial consciousness in recent years as a source of significant competitive advantage. And the data clearly shows that data-driven decision making trumps gut feel. The problem is that many company structures and processes are only now starting to catch up, after a period when organisations scrambled to

It’s hard not to live in the moment — and when you are running a startup or an early-stage business (and yes, they are different), laying out a long-term operating road map seems laughable. Even presumptuous. In those first months of business, the primary focus is to make it through