Alder and Butterworth orchestrate a new digital strategy

Two of the top names in the Australian digital industry – Malcolm Alder and John Butterworth – have  combined to launch Orchestrate, a new digital strategy business with deeply embedded links into the digital agency industry association AIMIA.

Prior to Orchestrate, Butterworth – a high profile veteran of dotcom 1.0 – was the long serving CEO of AIMIA, while  Alder, who previously the Partner for Digital Economy at KPMG, remains a director of the association.

The company will deliver digital strategy and related services including digital health checks, strategy development and operational plans, and the pair have leveraged their long ties to AIMIA to build the AIMIA-Orchestrate program which they say will offer enterprises access to an independent, integrated network of world class digital service providers to deliver their digital business needs.

Basically, Orchestrate aims to constantly stay abreast of which digital suppliers are strongest in the market and in doing so spare enterprises the time and overhead of doing the investigation themselves.

Alder told Which-50, “Companies from all industry sectors recognise that digital must now embrace activities and exploit opportunities well beyond their communications, marketing and IT website functions.”

He said investment in digital is increasingly moving up the management chain and becoming a discussion and decision for the C-Suite or Board table. “Companies see that digital is pervasive and multi-faceted which means a network of digital specialists is now required to meet all of an enterprise’s digital needs and to convert strategy in to action.”

Alder described the relationship with AIMIA as an exclusive arrangement through which Orchestrate will match client needs to agency expertise. “For the first time, enterprises will be able to have a seamless, efficient experience all the way from formulating digital strategy and direction, right through to turning on applications and capability in areas such as web design, mobile applications, content marketing,  analytics, UX design, social media, e-commerce platforms etc.  provided by Australia’s leading digital service providers.”

According to Alder, “Our point of difference is the combination of visibility and understanding across the full breadth and depth of digital activity in Australia with our ability to bring digital capabilities together effectively to help build the digital enterprise.

*Malcolm Alder is a Which-50 contributor. #

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