Adobe identifies best of the best for web performance in new benchmarking study

Recent benchmarking research from the Adobe Digital Index has found that honours are shared between five different industries — finance, IT, media, retail, and hospitality and travel — when it comes to best of the best online performance.

Finance, for instance, is strong in stickiness and page views per visit, whereas retail has the strongest conversion rates.

But no one industry of the five tested stands out from the pack.

The benchmarks are based on an analysis of data from the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and represent the combined data from 210 billion web visits during 2013. It is built from the aggregated and anonymised data of 11,000 web sites.

Stick rate

According to Adobe, “Stick rate is a leading indicator of two very important elements of web site success: marketing acquisition activities, as well as homepage relevance and engagement.

In the financial services sector — the standout on this measure — the leading companies have a 78 per cent stick rate compared to average financial companies’ 53 per cent.

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Pages per visit and minutes per visit

Visit depth can be tricky, but for industries like Retail, Travel & Hospitality, and Media & Entertainment, higher pages per visit almost certainly lead to greater web site success. The best-of-the-best in Retail outperformed the masses by 53 per cent in pages per visit, according to the report.

Financial services are still the leading industry, with 6.43 pages per visit for leading companies’ web sites.

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Conversion rate

The best of the best sites in industries that sell online nearly double the average conversion rate. According to Adobe, “Conversion rate is probably the key metric to determine revenue success for web sites that sell online. Improvement in conversion of just a tenth of a per cent can result in millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

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Mobile and tablets

The Adobe report also tackles the share of visits attributable tomobile and tablets, and Adobe’s advice is to make sites smarter “Smartphone users love email, search, and social media and are more likely to explore new sites. Creating a relevant and navigable smartphone experience is vital to gain and retain customers.” Adobe says tablet owners enjoy rich media experiences and videos, and spend more money on retail and travel sites.

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