Adobe has announced a range of new features for retailers during the 2018 NRF Big Show in New York this week.

First up, Adobe has launched a connector which allows marketers to pull in their big data stored in Hadoop into Adobe Campaign.

This will allow marketers to leverage big data, including transactional and loyalty information to personalise the shopper experience.

Adobe says retailers can seamlessly connect to their Hadoop infrastructure to query and segment data without importing datasets or storing them within Adobe Campaign.

For example retailers leverage detailed transactional and loyalty information stored in Hadoop to build more relevant personalised cross-channel campaigns.

Adobe is also introducing a set of flexible commerce microservices, built on Adobe I/O Runtime, Adobe’s platform-as-a service that lets developers quickly deploy and customise code.

“These modular services can easily be customised and extended, giving brands the ability to support new business processes and deliver engaging omnichannel experiences,” Adobe says.

Each of Adobe’s microservices are pre-integrated with commerce and order management systems including CommerceTools, ElasticPath, Digital River, Hybris, and Magento.

Also on display during the NRF show is a project Adobe is developing in its research labs that shows live foot traffic inside a store. The technology has the ability to segment shoppers based on loyalty, last visit date, or shopping preferences and push in-store offers within a retailers’ mobile app based on this information.

Adobe says it identifies customers in-store using a range of technology like IoT sensors and beacons that interact with a user’s smartphone, meaning customers have to opt-in first.

The data collected in-store can be appended with other retailer data such as CRM, point of sale, loyalty status, online shopping behaviour to personalise marketing offers.

Source: Adobe Analytics

US Holiday Data

Adobe has released the final US online spending  figures for the holiday sales period which covers November 1 to December 31.

Online sales grew 17.7 per cent to $108.2 billion during the 2017 holiday season, according to Adobe Analytics.

Revenue from mobile totaled $35.9 billion, making up 33.1 per cent of online revenue during the holiday season and 28 per cent YoY mobile revenue growth.

Adobe Analytics tracks 80 per cent of online spending for the top 100 largest retail websites in the US.

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